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01. Project Cost Estimating

Discover the power of precise project cost estimation! At MKAM Construction, we specialize in forecasting the quantity, cost, and pricing of resources required for your projects. With our expert team, you can tackle uncertainties head-on, ensuring accuracy and reliability throughout the process. Say goodbye to unexpected expenses and hello to efficient resource allocation. Trust the experts for a seamless project execution within your defined scope. Contact us today and let’s elevate your project success together!

02. Project Management

Revolutionize your projects and achieve unparalleled success with our expert Project Management Services! From meticulous planning to seamless team guidance, we ensure efficient resource allocation and customer-centric design integration. Don’t let uncertainties hinder your progress – our sales-driven approach guarantees remarkable outcomes and maximized efficiency. Contact us today for a free consultation and unleash the true potential of your projects. Elevate your success with MKAM Construction

03. Renovation & Remodeling

Welcome to the world of transformative home and property renovation.  Our expertise lies in altering structures, both inside and out, from their original construction. Whether you’re envisioning a complete style overhaul or a stunning interior revamp, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace endless possibilities. Let’s embark on a journey of exceptional remodeling together. Contact us today to bring your dream space to life!

04. Building Permits and Licenses Processing

Processing building permits and getting licenses for processing can really be a achallenge. Duly accomplished application forms, signed by the owner/ applicant, signed and sealed by respective engineers/ architect, notarized. We provide service to arrange all the needed for permits and licenses.

05. Architectural Design / Layout

Building layout design is regarded as one of the major tasks in architecture design. It determines the shapes, dimensions, and positions of internal building spaces to satisfy architectural criteria. At MKAM Construction, we have the best architects and talents that can give you amazing and functional designs. 

06. Fit out Exterior / Interior Finishes

We specialize in transforming interior spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing environments, perfectly suited for occupation. Our comprehensive fit-out process covers everything from electrical and mechanical work to impeccable decorating and furnishing.  Embrace the potential of your space with our expert fit-out services.





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